May 2015

Chairman's Note
Chairman's Note
Michael J. Hennessy
From the Editor
From the Editor
Debu Tripathy, MD
Ovarian Cancer
New Biologic Frontiers in Ovarian Cancer | PER
Heather J. Dalton, MD; Robert L. Coleman, MD
Head and Neck Cancer
Treatment De-Intensification for Locally Advanced HPV-Associated Oropharyngeal Cancer
Charles E. Rutter, MD; Zain A. Husain, MD; Barbara Burtness, MD
Prostate Cancer
The Central Role of Radiation in Prolonging Survival for High-Risk Prostate Cancer
Dean A. Shumway, MD; Daniel A. Hamstra, MD, PhD
ATRA-Associated Marrow Necrosis in a Patient With Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia: A Case Presentation and Review of the Literature
Saman Nematollahi, BS; Utkarsh H. Acharya, DO; Ravitharan Krishnadasan, MD
Breast Cancer
Improving Patient Outcomes Through State-of-the-Art Pain Control in Breast Cancer Surgery
Jacob L. Hutchins, MD