24th Annual International Congress on Hematologic Malignancies®
February 27 - March 1, 2020 | Miami Beach, FL
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4th Annual International Congress on Immunotherapies in Cancer®
Saturday, December 14, 2019 | New York, NY
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17th Annual Winter Lung Cancer Conference™
February 7-9, 2020 | Miami Beach FL
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“D” Is for Diagnosis: Solving the Mystery of Lysosomal Storage Disorders
New York, NY
Chair: Dawn Jacob Laney, MS, CGC, CCRC
3.0 CME
3.0 CNE
Medical Crossfire®: Forefronts in the Treatment of Hereditary Angioedema: A Patient-Focused Approach to Improve Quality of Life
Expires on 12/13/2020
Marc A. Riedl, MD, MS; Ashley Collins, MSN, RN, FNP-BC; Paul P. Doghramji, MD, FAAFP; William R. Lumry, MD
1.5 CME
1.5 CNE
4th Annual International Congress on Immunotherapies in Cancer®: Focus on Practice-Changing Application
New York, NY
Chairs: Naiyer A. Rizvi, MD; Mario Sznol, MD
6.25 CME
6.25 CNE
Reassessing Cancer Survivorship in the Era of Personalized Medicine
Expires on 12/05/2020
Don S. Dizon, MD, FACP, FASCO
0.5 CME
School of Breast Oncology® Live Video Webcast: Clinical Updates from San Antonio
Live Webcast
Chair: Joyce O'Shaughnessy, MD
2.0 CME
2.0 CNE
Community Practice Connections™: 3rd Annual New York Cardio-Endo-Renal Collaborative (NY CERC)
Expires on 12/03/2020
Stephen Brunton, MD, FAAFP; Keith C. Ferdinand, MD, FACC, FAHA, FNLA, FASH; James Underberg, MD, MS, FACPM, FACP, FNLA; Deepak L. Bhatt, MD, MPH, FACC, FAHA, FSCAI, FESC
2.0 CME
2.0 CNE
ASCO GI: A New Wave of Progress in Cholangiocarcinoma: Optimizing Outcomes from Diagnosis to Treatment
San Francisco, CA
Chair: Ghassan K. Abou-Alfa, MD, MBA
2.0 CME
2.0 CNE
Current and Emerging Immunotherapies in SCLC: Promise and Challenges
Expires on 11/27/2020
Stephen V. Liu, MD
1.0 CME
ASCO GI: Exploitation of DNA Damage Response and the Emerging Role of PARP Inhibition in Pancreatic Cancer
San Francisco, CA
Chair: Eileen M. O’Reilly, MD
2.0 CME
Community Practice Connections™: Medical Crossfire®: A New Dawn of T-Cell–Engaging Immunotherapy: Improving Outcomes for Patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Expires on 11/27/2020
Elias Jabbour, MD; Naval G. Daver, MD; Hagop M. Kantarjian, MD; Giovanni Martinelli, MD
1.0 CME
17th Annual Winter Lung Cancer Conference™
02/07/2020 - 02/09/2020
Miami, FL
Chairs: Rogerio C. Lilenbaum, MD; Mark A. Socinski, MD; Heather A. Wakelee, MD; Julie R. Brahmer, MD, MSc, FASCO
10.75 CME
10.75 CNE
Clinical Briefings™: Expanding the Armamentarium in Psoriasis Treatment: Where Do TYK2 Inhibitors Fit Into the Treatment Landscape?
Expires on 11/27/2020
Jashin J. Wu, MD
1.0 CME
1.0 CNE
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