Join us at the Annual Hematology Meeting in Orlando
5 Symposia on December 6, 2019 | Orlando, FL
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3rd Annual Precision Medicine Through Plasma™
Saturday, November 23, 2019 | New York City, NY
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4th Annual International Congress on Immunotherapies in Cancer®
Saturday, December 14, 2019 | New York, NY
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4th Annual European Congress on Immunotherapies in Cancer™
11/15/2019 - 11/16/2019
Barcelona, Spain
Chairs: Antoni Ribas, MD, PhD; Caroline Robert, MD PhD
8.0 CME
Advances in™ Endometrial Cancer: Focus on Immunotherapeutic and Molecularly Targeted Strategies
Expires on 11/08/2020
Bradley J. Monk, MD, FACS, FACOG
1.0 CME
Precision Medicine in Oncology: Current Role and Future Potential of In-House NGS Technologies
Los Angeles, CA
Chair: Timothy Triche, MD, PhD
2.0 CME
Community Practice Connections™: Optimizing Pathologic Assessment in Lung Cancer: A Focus on Patients With EGFR Mutations
Expires on 11/06/2020
Lynette M. Sholl, MD; Jonathan W. Goldman, MD; Balazs Halmos, MD, MS; Ignacio I. Wistuba, MD
1.5 CME
3rd Annual Precision Medicine Through Plasma™: Using Liquid Biopsies in Contemporary Oncology Care
New York, NY
Chair: Benjamin P. Levy, MD
3.75 CME
3.75 CNE
Continuity in Cancer Care®: Aligning Primary and Oncology Specialty Care to Improve Long-Term Management of Multiple Myeloma Patients
Expires on 10/31/2020
Sagar Lonial MD, FACP; Ajai Chari, MD; Jennifer Zreloff, MD; Priscilla A. Bresler, MD
1.5 CME
ASH: MPN Tumor Board: Application of Novel Agents for the Treatment of Polycythemia Vera and Myelofibrosis
Orlando, FL
Chair: Ronald Hoffman, MD
3.0 CME
Medical Crossfire®: Understanding the Complexities of Chronic Kidney Disease in Type 2 Diabetes
Expires on 10/31/2020
Stephen Brunton, MD, FAAFP; George L. Bakris, MD; Harold Bays, MD, FOMA, FTOS, FACC, FACE, FNLA; Lucia M. Novak, MSN, ANP-BC, BC-ADM, CDTC
1.5 CME
1.5 CNE
ASH: Medical Crossfire®: Case Studies in AYA and Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia – How the Experts Think and Treat
Orlando, FL
Chair: Elias Jabbour, MD
3.0 CME
Medical Crossfire®: Emerging Strategies to Optimize and Individualize PAH Treatment
Expires on 10/31/2020
Bradley A. Maron, MD; Paul P. Doghramji, MD, FAAFP; Ronald J. Oudiz, MD; Wendy L. Wright, DNP, ANP-BC, FNP-BC, FAANP, FAAN, FNAP
1.5 CME
1.5 CNE
ASH: The Evolving Treatment Landscape for Patients With GvHD: More Options, More Decisions, Better Outcomes!
Orlando, FL
Chair: Corey S. Cutler, MD MPH FRCPC
3.0 CME
Advances in™ Infectious Diseases: Overcoming Fungal Infections: Prophylaxis, Diagnosis, and Treatment Strategies to Improve Patient Outcomes
Expires on 10/31/2020
Peter G. Pappas, MD, FACP
1.0 CME
1.0 CNE
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