Watch PER Discuss the Importance of CME with Dr. Amit Patel

Value of Oncology CME

PER® is the go-to resource for more than 30,000 oncology health care professionals annually. In turn, these clinicians have used our educational activities to improve the care delivered to 3.1 million patients with cancer.

The value of oncology CME/CE can be quantified as:

  • A source of evidence-based, up-to-date clinical information provided by internationally-recognized experts
  • An educational framework that fosters improvements in clinical decision-making
  • A conduit for improving communication between multidisciplinary and interprofesional teams
  • A platform for empowering health care professionals to promote and deliver best practices in medicine

The experts agree. Please listen as world-renowned oncologists share the value of CME/CE on patient care from their perspective.

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