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Chairman's Letter

Michael J. Hennessy

This month’s issue of The American Journal of Hematology/Oncology® (AJHO®) pro- vides an overview of tumor necrosis factor receptor agonists across all tumor types. In their review, “TNFR Agonists: A Review of Current Biologics Targeting OX40, 4-1BB, CD27, and GITR,” authors Elizabeth R. Sturgill, PhD, and William L. Redmond, PhD, discuss the biology of tumor necrosis factor receptors, the current preclinical studies and clinical trials targeting these receptors, and how they may be combined with other therapies to improve patient outcomes.

Specific tumor types are also addressed in this issue, with manuscripts focused on non– small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), early-stage breast cancer, and gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs).

The past decade has seen dramatic shifts in the treatment landscape of NSCLC, with immune checkpoint inhibitors used routinely in advanced NSCLC and biomarkers emerging to guide patient selection, writes Shirin Attarian, MD, and colleagues in “Distilling Data Into Action: Recent Advances in the Management of Advanced Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer.” They provide a summary of the key advances in this area and describe practical approaches for use in clinical settings.

In “Minimally Invasive, Image-Guided Therapy for Liver Cancer: What Every Oncologist Needs to Know,” Austin-Marley Windham-Herman, BS, and coauthors discuss the value of novel, emerging, image-guidance technologies in HCC. They also present data from prospective trials investigating the combination of local tumor therapies with systemically administered anticancer agents.

We don’t usually cover topics involving value-based treatment in AJHO®, but “Lumpectomy With Radiation Versus Mastectomy for Early-Stage Breast Cancer: Value-Based Treatment Considerations,” by Tommy Sheu, MD, and colleagues addresses some of the salient data that can be used as a starting point for discussing management principles to optimize value for the benefit of the patient and the healthcare system.

The case study this month involves a young pregnant patient who was diagnosed with metastatic GIST in the second trimester of her pregnancy. Vaia Florou, MD, and coauthors in “GIST in Pregnancy: The Role of Circulating Tumor DNA to Define the Assessment of Risk of Rapid Progression and Response to Imatinib” report that GIST during pregnancy is rare, with few cases appearing in the literature.
In the CME article this month, Arjun Balar MD, assistant professor of medicine, and director, Genitourinary Medical Oncology Program, NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center, discusses the expansive use of checkpoint inhibitors and other immunotherapies in bladder cancer.

If you have a manuscript that you would like us to consider for peer review and potential publication, send a brief letter that provides the title, authors, and overview of what the manuscript covers to Tony Berberabe, managing editor ( We look forward to receiving them.

Thank you for reading!

Michael J. Hennessy, Sr
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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