American Journal of Hematology / Oncology®
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December 2014

From the Editor
Debu Tripathy, MD
Prostate Cancer
E. David Crawford, MD; Kyle O. Rove, MD; Andrew V. Schally, PhD, MDhc (Multi), DSc,hc; Ferenc G. Rick, MD, PhD; Norman L. Block, MD; Thomas J.R. Beveridge, PhD; David N. Dahdal, PhD,; Dennis C. Marshall, RN, MS, PhD
Srinath Sundararajan, MD; Nicholas Vogelzang, MD
Ovarian Cancer
Kristen Pepin, MD; Marcela del Carmen, MD, MPH; Amy Brown, MD, MPH; Don S. Dizon, MD

PER® Practice Pulse
Practice Pattern Questions
How often do you attend society oncology/hematology meetings? (ASCO, ASH, SABCS)
Practice Pattern Questions
What is the most significant barrier to implementing new information in your clinical practice?

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