2nd Annual European Symposium on Lung Cancers™

2nd Annual European Symposium on Lung Cancers™

4-5 May 2018
Barcelona, Spain

Hilton Barcelona
589-591 Avenida Diagonal
Barcelona, Spain 08014
Phone: +34 934 95 77 77



The field of lung cancer therapy now encompasses several cutting-edge approaches, including personalized medicine, targeted agents, and immunotherapy. After decades of therapeutic nihilism, the treatment of patients with lung cancer has rapidly moved to the vanguard of clinical oncology, incorporating treatments with a superior therapeutic index compared to the previous standard of cytotoxic regimens. These practice-changing discoveries have the potential to improve patient outcomes, but also place an increased demand on physicians to understand new paradigms in molecular testing, treatment selection, and managing adverse events with new categories of therapies.

We are pleased to announce the 2nd Annual European Symposium on Lung Cancers™, which will focus on these “Disruptive Therapeutic Innovations in Lung Cancer” and how clinicians can best incorporate these new approaches. This highly interactive and practical program will include internationally recognized experts in lung cancer describing recent key studies in lung cancer, as well as extensive case-based discussions that go beyond the data in addressing challenges faced in the clinic. This meeting will also allow for participants to engage directly with the experts and with their peers to share their perspectives, personal experiences, and approaches to optimize care for their patients with lung cancer.

Target Audience

This educational activity is directed toward medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, thoracic surgeons, pulmonologists, as well as other healthcare professionals involved in the treatment and management of patients with lung cancer.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this symposium, you should be better prepared to:

  • Assess methods by which prognostic and predictive tumor characteristics can be identified in advanced forms of lung cancer
  • Utilize tumor and patient characteristics to optimize personalized treatment sequencing for patients with advanced NSCLC
  • Discuss current and emerging roles for single agent and combination immunotherapeutic strategies in the management of advanced lung cancers
  • Apply personalized approaches to manage EGFR-mutated advanced NSCLC by assessment of mutation subtypes in multiple lines of care
  • Assess evolving data sets concerning the use of ALK inhibition in front-line and subsequent lines of care in advanced NSCLC
  • Discuss emerging targeted approaches for oncogenic drivers in NSCLC beyond EGFR and ALK
  • Identify approaches to address treatment-related toxicities in patients with lung cancer
  • Integrate personalized approaches to manage challenging cases in advanced lung cancer settings

Program Co-Chairs

Benjamin Besse MD, PhD
Head of Thoracic Tumor board, Department of Medicine
Gustave Roussy
Villejuif, France

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Reck
Head of the Thoracic Oncology and Clinical Trial Departments
Lung Clinic Grosshansdorf
Grosshansdorf, Germany

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